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With a wide range of JETSCRIPT products, Mitsubishi HiTec Paper has the right coated inkjet paper for every application.
  Application   Segment     Description
  PHOTO   TRUE PHOTO     State-of-the-art microporous resin coated photo paper. Premium quality for professional photo prints on small format and large format printers.
      PHOTO REALISTIC     Photo realistic high glossy cast coated paper for both small and large format printing.
      LEISURE ART     Embossed inkjet paper for creative prints and applications, such as calendars, portraits, greeting cards and fine art printing.
      DRY LAB | RETAIL     True microporous resin coated photo quality for professional inkjet dry lab systems.
  GRAPHICS | SIGNAGE   CAD     Matt coated inkjet paper designed for simple graphics. Suitable for construction designs, architecture plots, engineering and layout drawings.
      POS | SIGNAGE     Matt coated inkjet paper for graphics in point of sale/retail applications or presentations. Premium coatings for full colour applications in signage segments to achieve best quality for photorealistic prints.
      POSTER     Standard matt and premium matt coated for full colour graphics and poster printing. Designed for aquaeous inks, latex ink compatible. Microporous resin coated media for best quality prints in poster/signage applications – for indoor and outdoor applications.
  PROOFING   IMPOSITION PROOF | LAYOUT PROOF     Premium double-side matt where colour is required but not critical. Used to compare how images on one side will affect the other side.
      CONTRACT PROOF     Microporous resin coated media, proof specific qualities – our special media where colour is critical and colour match particularly important. For example for corporate identity proof applications. FOGRA approved.
  TRANSACTIONAL     A white paper solution to print transactional documents such as invoices, accounting receipts or bank statements considering tight budgets. A functional coating to optimize spot colour print.
      TRANSPROMO     Documents receive more attention when colour is applied – the right paper to achieve the desired colour for a vivid image replication or precise logo reproduction.
      DIRECT MAIL     A direct mail application needs to capture the imagination of the receiver if it is to achieve its desired result. Corporate identity requires precise colour duplicate to enable realistic reproduction.
      PUBLISHING     A market leading quality for brochures, leaflets or books. Coatings that achieve punchy densities which stand out in a crowd. Whether premium or standard coated is required, high whiteness, top quality and consistency is guaranteed.
      ENVELOPES     The wide colour gamut and the high resolution enable accurate reproduction of colour specifications. The reverse side is offset and flexographic printable, and the high whiteness of the coated face supports best barcode readability.
  LABEL   With today’s inkjet technologies, combined with a quality inkjet coated paper, impressive colourful labels are available to everyone even when each individual label needs to be different. High opacity and sharp dot control combined with black print quality, essential for barcode printing.
  SECURITY   Coloured center premium inkjet coated paper – a unique security solution. A simple tear determines the authenticity of the product without any need for technical devices. The ideal paper for coupons, lottery tickets, entrance tickets or any other printed matter that needs to be forgery proof.



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