15. January 2020

Cooperation "CCI - School - Industry" between Bosse School and Mitsubishi HiTec Paper in Bielefeld

Andreas Meinke (Head of Human Resources Mitsubishi HiTec Paper), Andrea Prochnau (Head of Bosse School) and Bodo Venker (CCI project coordinator) with pupils, at the signing of the cooperation agreement (seated from left).

With the support of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CCI) of East Westphalia in Bielefeld, the Bosse school (secondary school) and the international manufacturer of coated speciality papers, Mitsubishi HiTec Paper, both from Bielefeld, have now signed an agreement as part of the "CCI –School - Industry" cooperation.

CCI project coordinator Bodo Venker explained the aim of the agreement during the signing ceremony at school: "With our cooperation project, we want to support teachers in making their lessons even more practical and give students practical insights into the world of work. We also want to help our member companies to become more familiar with the school system and its culture". Due to demographic change, there is an increasing demand for trainees in the economy. The goal is to find a cooperation partner for all secondary schools in East Westphalia.

"We are very pleased about the cooperation with Mitsubishi HiTec Paper and hope for a long and good collaboration," emphasized Andrea Prochnau, head of the Bosse School Bielefeld. "We hope that this cooperation will give our pupils the opportunity to get to know the industrial sector and technical professions. In addition, we hope that, in addition to the students, the teachers will also gain an insight into the processes and structures of a business enterprise close to us. Elements within the framework of this cooperation are internships for students and teachers. In addition, we will invite our cooperation partner to visit our school to give them the opportunity to get to know the everyday school life at close range.

Head of Human Resources Andreas Meinke from Mitsubishi HiTec Paper signed the agreement. "Initial vocational training has a decades-long tradition in our company for generating young talent. Particularly in specialized and rare training occupations such as paper technologist, good training is a guarantee for the long-term and successful existence of a company," he explained. "Many young people today are eager to achieve high school graduation, which for many young people and parents can lead to a successful working life. But this is true to a certain extent. A successful working life also requires a good basic qualification, which can be acquired very well in a dual training program". Students today lack the experience needed to make a decision regarding their education. Mitsubishi HiTec Paper offers the students this opportunity, for example through internships. "For us, the cooperation with Bosse School offers a further opportunity to obtain qualified local applicants," added the head of human resources, expressing his hope that the cooperation will help recruit young people.