26. March 2020

General customer information | Covid 19

Dear valued customers,

We are aware that the unclear news situation about the danger and spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is also worrying you. We would therefore like to give you an update on Coronavirus today.

At Mitsubishi HiTec Paper we always put safety first. The Coronavirus is currently affecting our business operations. Our dedicated task force is continuously monitoring the situation and taking the necessary measures to protect employees, customers and partners, whilst still ensuring that the operation runs as smoothly as possible. These measures include, for example, home office and flexible working time to conform with social distancing requirements, organizational changes in shift and canteen operations, reducing travel and meetings to the absolute minimum and ensuring the highest hygiene standards.

In addition to protecting our employees, our top priority is to continue to maintain our production and our worldwide sales and service, thus ensuring that our customers are supplied even during these challenging times. Difficulties and delays in importing certain raw materials are currently affecting the whole industry. By close, daily contact with our suppliers, we are ensuring supply so that the production and finishing of our speciality papers continue to run at a stable level.

Our supply chain management, production and salesforce are working intensively to best compensate for this difficult situation and thus avoid any noticeable effects for our customers. If you have any further questions, please contact your sales representative.

Please stay healthy!