27. September 2021

New barricote® brochure

Our brand new barricote® brochure is available. With lots of information about our sustainable, fully recyclable barrier papers for flexible food packaging.

Barricote BAG, WRAP and LINER in their different versions are suitable as bag and pouch paper, wrapping paper and as lining paper for recycled cardboard and corrugated cardboard. The barrier papers can be used for both primary and secondary packaging. All barricote barrier papers are paper products made from fresh fibres and, with their water-based coatings, offer combinable barrier functions against water vapour, grease / oil, oxygen / aroma and mineral oil migration (MOSH / MOAH). They are 100% free from plastic foils, extruded films or laminates, and 100% free from fluorocarbons (PFAS and PFOS), chlorinated hydrocarbons (PVDC) and optical brighteners (OBA). They consist to a large extent of biodegradable ingredients and can be completely recycled in the waste paper cycle. Of course, the reverse side is offset and flexo printable.

In addition, we offer barrier papers with excellent heat-sealing properties, certified seawater decomposability, excellent freshness effect, good hot-melt adhesive properties, a particularly high proportion of renewable raw materials and much more.

Click here for the new barricote brochure.