11. February 2022

New barricote video

Food packaging is no longer just about protection, storage and transportation. The focus is on waste prevention, replacement of plastic, circular economy and use of sustainable raw materials. What is needed are paper-based solutions that protect the environment and consumers. Solutions such as our innovative barricote® barrier papers for flexible packaging, with their combinable barriers against water vapour, grease / oil, oxygen / aroma and mineral oil migration.

Our barricote products are not only paper-based but also fully recyclable. We rely on water-based coatings and a high proportion of biodegradable ingredients. At the same time, our barrier papers are 100% free of plastic films, extruded polymers, laminates, fluorocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons and optical brighteners. Whether pouches, wrapping papers or lining papers - barricote protects foods and consumers. Environmentally friendly, sustainable and safe.

Watch the latest video about our sustainable barricote barrier papers for flexible food packaging here