Our cast-coated supercote products meet all the demands that are made on an excellent label paper: premium gloss, first class printability, excellent processing properties and secure processing. Universal printability by all the traditional methods and modern digital printing. For wet glue labels, we have developed the WS supercote wet-strength version.

Our supercote papers are available FSC® or PEFC™ certified - and of course they are ISEGA-certified.


At a glance

  • Basis weights 80 - 100 g/m² (higher substances on request)
  • High-gloss, smooth surface
  • Wet and alkali-strength versions: supercote WS
  • Very good processing properties
  • Outstanding wet gloss retention
  • Fast ink setting
  • Rough reverse side
  • Very good finishing properties:

    • Embossing 
    • Bronzing 
    • Metalizing 
    • Varnishing 
    • Laminating 
    • Die-cutting
    • Hot and cold foil embossing

  • Universal printability

    • by traditional printing methods 
    • by digital printing (e.g. HP Indigo systems with ILP)

  • ISEGA-certified
  • FSC® Mix or PEFC™ certified available


Further information and downloads regarding our cast coated supercote label papers can be found here.


Paper for wet-glue labels for non-returnable and returnable bottles, high-quality foods, wrap-around labels, labels for food and non-food, premium labels for wine, spirits, champagne and the cosmetics industry.  Paper for adhesive labels in various sectors of industry such as food, beverages or cosmetics. 

Composite Cans

Paper for wrappers for stable and re-closable composite cans. With barrier and aroma protection suitable for moisture-sensitive bulk materials. For composite cans for food, instant drinks, tobacco, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, pet food, garden products and chemical products.

Shoulder Boxes

Paper for high quality shoulder boxes. Elaborate packaging for particularly fine products with a special locking mechanism. Traditionally used for quality chocolate products, tobacco or sensitive products in the cosmetics and consumer goods industries.


Further information and downloads regarding our cast coated supercote label papers can be found here.

The technological structure of supercote captivates due to its premium glossy surface with the special cast coating on special label paper. The rough reverse gives the best glue absorption and problem free sheet separation on the pallet or from labelling stock. High printing and labelling speeds are guaranteed.

In printing supercote is characterized by extremely fast ink set-off. The smooth and high-gloss surface permits the finest of halftones, the best ink brilliance and outstanding print gloss. Supercote is suitable for printing by all traditional printing processes such as offset, flexo and gravure printing, and even digital printing.

Premium glossy surface
Premium glossy surface