With its corporate headquarters in Tokyo, six production and three research centres in Japan as well as facilities in China, Mexico and Germany, Mitsubishi Paper Mills Ltd. is known internationally for outstanding product quality and great innovation, and is among the pioneers of coating photo and inkjet papers.

Mitsubishi HiTec Paper is a part of this successful group. We produce coated inkjet papers, thermal papers, carbonless papers, label papers and barrier papers. Our highly specialized, well-developed international sales and service network is available to customers all over the world, and that makes us stand out.  

Our two locations, Bielefeld in Westphalia and Flensburg in Schleswig Holstein, both enjoy a long papermaking tradition: in Bielefeld paper has been manufactured since 1799 and in Flensburg the roots of our mill can be traced back to 1696. We have a total coating capacity of 185,000 tonnes of speciality paper per year. All rather impressive, we think.

Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe GmbH (2022)
Head Office: Bielefeld | Germany
Locations: Bielefeld & Flensburg
Total capacity: 185,000 tonnes p.a.
Workforce: 730
Turnover: € 327 M
Export ratio: 82 %
Products: thermal papers
inkjet papers
carbonless papers
label papers
barrier papers
Mitsubishi Paper Mills Ltd. (04/2021 - 03/2022)
Head office: Tokyo, Japan
Locations in Japan: 7 production sites, 2 research centres
Other locations: Germany, China
Total workforce: 3,384
Turnover: YEN 181,920 M
Products: Functional Materials Business, Paper Materials Business

“Quality paper is the foundation. Incomparable added value is created by excellent coating. This is our passion: First class HiTec Paper.”