We are always one step ahead of the market in our five product areas because our product marketing, product development and research & development are extremely curious: researching, developing and testing in our company’s own laboratories. They work in conjunction with their colleagues in sales, marketing, technical service and production to optimise existing products in line with new requirements and to develop brand new custom grades based on individual customer specifications.

We benefit greatly from intensive knowledge transfer with the scientists at the Japanese parent company, where there are three highly regarded research & development laboratories with highly specialised staff.  The name Mitsubishi HiTec Paper stands for product developments of the highest quality, which are consistently targeted and oriented to the current and future needs of the markets and lead to the implementation of new innovative measures.  In addition to this we work together closely with customers, OEMs and consumers as well as with trend scouts and universities.


Our main areas of innovation:

  • Papers for digital and hybrid printing
  • Functional, protective and barrier coatings

    • Six coating technologies enable the application of functional, protective and barrier coatings on a wide variety of basic substrates

  • Special solutions for the packaging industry

    • Coated papers and cartons for packaging with special requirements

  • Encapsulation

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