29. June 2023

Excellent recyclability certified

Barricote LINER MG as secondary packaging for chocolate lentils

Two independent institutes confirm the excellent recyclability of our barrier paper barricote® LINER MG.

Interseroh awards the maximum number of 20 points and classifies LINER MG as "very good recyclable”. The cyclos-HTP institute also proves through the current recycling certification that LINER MG falls under the "95/5 rule" applicable in Germany and France and can therefore be recycled in the waste paper cycle.

The heat-sealable 85 g paper is particularly suitable for pouch packaging of food (dry and greasy) and non-food as well as lining paper for recycled cartons and corrugated cardboard. Primary and secondary packaging made of LINER MG enable an optimal and safe barrier effect against the migration of mineral oils (MOSH / MOAH) as well as against grease and oil. In addition, the barrier paper has been proven to decompose in seawater, making it the sustainable alternative to plastic packaging materials.

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