Each area of application follows its own rules and sets its own requirements. Whether labels or receipts at POS, lottery tickets or admission tickets, bank statements, travel tickets or ECG printouts. Mitsubishi has the right thermal paper for the job. We develop individual and innovative thermoscript products to meet every customer requirement, and offer the widest range of thermal papers for all applications, all over the world.


At a glance
  • Substance range from 46 – 259 g/m²
  • Several sensitivity levels
  • Several protective coatings for optimised resistance (front and reverse side)
  • Excellent print image even on fastest thermal printers
  • Excellent barcode readability
  • Archivable for up to 25 years
  • Excellent printability (traditional, digital and hybrid printing technologies)
  • Outstanding processing and finishing properties
  • Bisphenol-free and phenol-free thermal papers
  • Chemical-free thermal paper PURE
  • Various built-in security features available
  • ISEGA certified for food contact
  • FSC® Mix or PEFC™ certified available


Further information and downloads regarding our thermoscript thermal papers can be found here.


POS & Fax

Excellent printability, great durability and very good runability in thermal printers make thermoscript grades ideal for POS and fax applications. Our very light and thin grades, as well as our phenol-free grades are particularly suited to the POS sector.


In medicine it is essential that important results can be reproduced accurately and the paper used is very durable. Thermoscript satisfies the requirements of extreme durability, immaculate print head behaviour, excellent printing results and suitability for ultra high-speed printers.

Lottery & Gaming

Our thermoscript products for lottery and gaming satisfy many demands. High sensitivity, best pre-printability, optimum resistance properties and reliable security are essential. The ticket could just be the entrance ticket to a world of big wins.


Whether boarding pass, train ticket or parking ticket - thermoscript grades are used throughout the transport sector for their excellent stampability, printing image stability and durability as well as printability. Also in mobile printing. And with security features already incorporated at the mill. 

Admission Tickets

Our papers for the most colourfully printed admission tickets are of the best quality. Excellent printability on front and reverse sides and extreme stability and durability are critical. Security features already incorporated in the base paper give maximum protection against counterfeiting.


High-quality, stable and extremely durable thermal papers are required for use at ATMs, multifunction terminals and statement printers. Thermoscript papers have been tested and approved by OEMs for numerous systems.

Labels & Tags

Thermal labels and tags place high demands on the material. The printed image must be sharp so that it can be read correctly by scanners. The paper must be resistant to moisture, temperature fluctuations and plasticizers.


The composition of thermal paper can only be copied at great expense in any case. Our security elements such as coloured centre, coating marks or fluorescent fibres are integrated in the base paper. The paper is thus virtually forgery proof. A key argument in a variety of applications.


Further information and downloads regarding our thermoscript thermal papers can be found here.

Direct thermal printing is a contactless printing process which uses heat transfer. A large number of small heating elements are mounted over the entire width of the thermal print head. This means that a thermal printer has very few moving parts and therefore requires very little maintenance. The heating elements transfer heat directly to the thermal paper and there, the functional layer of the thermal paper reacts with a pigmentation creating a printed image.

Additional coatings on the front and back can protect the thermal coating from environmental influences and optimize the properties of the product for specific requirements such as printability, lamination, durability etc. Of course, as well as text and graphics, all types of barcodes can be printed. Simple, reliable and fast.


Advantages of thermal printing:

  • Low noise
  • Reliable
  • Fast
  • Easy to use
  • Low operating costs (maintenance and energy saving)
  • No other consumables such as toner or ink
  • Compact printing unit, thus particularly suitable for portable handheld devices
  • Can be used under extreme climatic conditions
Thermal imaging process
Thermal imaging process
Thermal paper structure
Thermal paper structure