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We offer a wide range of barrier papers from 44 to 85 g/m². All barricote barrier papers are characterized by the following common features:

  • Paper products made from virgin fibres

  • Water-based coatings for combinable barrier functions against

    • Water vapour
    • Grease / Oil
    • Mineral oil migration (MOSH/MOAH)

  • 100 % free of

    • Plastic films, extruded polymers or laminates
    • Fluorocarbons (PFAS and PFOS)
    • Chlorinated hydrocarbons (PVDC)
    • Optical brighteners (OBA)

  • High content of biodegradable ingredients
  • Recyclable in the waste paper cycle
  • Reverse side offset and flexo printable


  • Direct food contact (e. g. BfR XXXVI)
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001
  • INREKA, DIN EN 15593
  • FSC Mix or PEFC certified available

Applications: primary and secondary packaging for food and non-food, e.g.

  • Bags / Pouches (heat-sealed and glued)
  • Wrapping papers

In addition, we offer barricote barrier papers with these specific properties:

  • Combined multibarriers

    • Mineral oil  +  grease/oil  (MG)
    • Water vapour  +  grease/oil  (WG)

  • Very good heat-sealability
  • Very good hot melt adhesive properties
  • Certified seawater decomposability
  • Excellent freshness effect
  • Particularly high proportion of renewable raw materials
  • Particularly high proportion of biodegradable ingredients
  • Retention of the protective function in further processing processes

No wonder that leading brand owners, retail companies and packaging manufacturers rely on barricote

Further information and downloads regarding our barricote barrier papers can be found here.


Barrier papers with excellent heat-sealability for pouch packaging of food and non-food products. The intelligent alternative to film packaging made of PE, PP or BOPP film (BAG WG). Barrier papers for glued bag and pouch packaging (LINER MG).


Wrapping papers for food, for instance such as burger, bread, sausages or cheese. Due to the barriers and the very good freshness effect the food stays in shape and fresh - everything is well protected (WRAP WG).

Further information and downloads regarding our barricote barrier papers can be found here.

As a sustainable material, paper is the ideal basis for food and non-food packaging. We use a high proportion of biodegradable ingredients in the manufacture of our barrier papers. All barricote products are recyclable and therefore ideally suited for the circular economy.

Innovations such as barricote are possible because of our many years of experience in coating various speciality papers. We have six different coating technologies available for the application of many different functional, protective and barrier coatings, including multiple and double-sided coatings.

We use water-based barrier coatings. Our curtain coater technology enables us to apply highly effective coatings in an extremely uniform way. Safely and accurately. In this way, we create innovative barrier papers that not only efficiently protect packaged goods but also consider aspects such as environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Curtain coater technology
Curtain coater technology
Potential threats for foodstuff
Potential threats for foodstuff