19. February 2024

Our apprenticeships at the BERUF & BILDUNG 2024

We would like to thank the interested young visitors to whom we were able to present our diverse apprenticeships at Beruf & Bildung 2024 in the Stadthalle Bielefeld. In many conversations with potential trainees and interns, we were not only able to arouse interest in the medium of paper, but also inspire the young talents for comparatively exotic professions such as paper technologist.

Special thanks also go to our dedicated trainees, who were able to answer questions about the professions at first hand. We are particularly pleased with the applications we received the evening after the fair closed.

For more information on the the various apprenticeships, please visit our website or contact Katrin Radtke directly (katrin.radtkemitsubishi-paper.com, Tel. 0521 2091-288).